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Liftago Guide: Marketing to Marketers

The more marketers you register into your community, the more 
they can duplicate your best practices and increase your reach 
locally and even globally. Moreover, your marketers might have 
much easier access to taxi passengers! Active and motivated 
marketers will help you create a profit engine and can bring 
you closer to financial freedom. This guide shows you how to 
register more marketers.

Why should anyone help me market Liftago?
How to approach potential marketers?

Remember how you became a marketer and what made you see the opportunity in this. With the Liftago Community 
Business, active marketers from within your community can increase your share of the  global taxi business. It doesn't 
matter where their home is. As long as they can spread the use of Liftago apps via their own community, Liftago will 
reward them as well as you. The time they invest into this opportunity is up to them and Liftago will never require any 
money from them.
By supporting Liftago, marketers are also supporting a terrific long-term vision: Liftago aims to take the trouble out of 
urban transportation. With Liftago, you and your community are helping millions of people to better use their time and 
decrease their need for personal cars, eliminate traffic jams, and relieve the environment of pollution. Liftago Taxi is just 
the beginning - our first product to start fulfilling this vision! 
To find out more about official marketing messages targeted towards marketers, the main benefits of joining the Liftago 
Community Business, and to see the marketers' video, visit the marketing section of 

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